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At the helm of Quinn Education Development is Sarah Quinn. Sarah delivers training and support to schools, working closely with leadership teams and teachers to raise the quality of their practice and the outcomes for children. Her training covers a range of areas including leadership, teaching, curriculum, assessment and early years. Sarah was a highly successful primary school teacher and leader and can offer bespoke training to meet your needs.

In the past, Sarah has worked as a managing inspector for Ofsted and as the Central Senior Managing Inspector for CfBT Inspection Services . She has developed assessment and tracking, and curriculum and teaching systems for early years settings from birth to five. Sarah has also authored articles for ‘Early Years Educator’ and ‘Nursery World’ and has publications available which can be found through our online store. Sarah can also be found as a keynote speaker at various conferences across the country and has taken her knowledge across to Asia, helping to develop training in local settings.

Sarah can also share personal experience of ADHD, which parents and teachers may find helpful and supportive to understand the unique brain of a child with ADHD. As an adult with ADHD, Sarah feels it is important to help primary care-givers and educators to understand their children and learn the effective ways to deliver education to children with ADHD, helping to inspire and empower them to become successful adults.

Suzanne brings a new dimension to Quinn Education Development, offering business and marketing consultancy. She recognises the potential advantages of schools being managed and marketed as businesses. She also understands the benefits of improving organisational cultures for the well-being of staff and children in each setting and offers a further well-being element related to exercise, mindfulness and nutrition for staff. Suzanne has over 15 years of business and consultancy experience in a variety of industries and shares QED’s vision of offering a holistic approach to learning and development. Suzanne is also the person behind the day-to-day running of QED and works hand in hand with Sarah to ensure the best service for QED clients.

In 2022 we are excited to welcome three new consultants working alongside us at QED. Their profile pages will be up and running soon!

Quinn Education Development Vision and Values

  • All teachers and practitioners are entitled to high quality, personalised, continuing professional development.
  • Solutions should be tailored, swift and sustainable.
  • Training advice and support allows professionals to improve outcomes for all children and particularly the most vulnerable.
  • We aim to make training accessible to as broad a range of people as possible.
  • We consider every learner’s well-being in every setting, ensuring that we assign tasks but do not overload. For everything we leave with you, we will remove something unnecessary.
  • We believe everyone is entitled to a fair work-life balance.
  • We work hard to develop and grow QED so the best development is available to everybody.
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