Why use an education consultant?

At QED we recognize that schools may ask themselves why do they need support from an external body. There are two main reasons.

The first is to provide an external view of the school. Sometimes leaders in schools can be too close to what is happening and need to be supported in ‘stepping back’ to gain perspective and a realistic view of what is happening. It can be useful to gain an external view when things are not going to plan, or when things are going well. External validation is always useful to confirm you are on the right track.

Second, consultants and advisers come into school with a wealth of knowledge and ideas from a range of different settings. The job of a consultant is to do the reading and research and to summarise key information for leaders in school. Consultants should keep their schools up-to-date with current thinking and should enable schools to improve from within by helping staff to develop their own thinking. Improvement should happen from within with the support of an external professional.

If you are interested in working with QED as a consultant, or an education professional interested in building course content then please email your CV to Sarah@QuinnEd.co.uk