Sarah was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and this has brought about an understanding of the need for more awareness of the condition overall to help adults and children live, learn and succeed with ADHD.

‘Some of my work this year has been supporting schools in understanding children who have ADHD. I am not a psychiatrist or a doctor or a specialist in this area but I do have ADHD and I do understand the way in which ADHD children experience school and the world around them. The schools that have worked with me or have attended a staff meeting have appreciated the insight into what it is like living with ADHD. We have been able to consider some of the tools and tricks that might be useful for an ADHD brain to enable them to access the curriculum.

ADHD is a much misunderstood condition and one thing that people don’t tend to realise is that it is a poorly functioning brain and in particular a dysfunctional prefrontal cortex. It is still thought of as a ‘naughty child condition’ but when people really start to understand what children with ADHD are experiencing, the impact it can have on what children experience in school is dramatic. One of the main things I always suggest is accessing information and trying very hard to understand the complexity of the condition.’

We have put together some short videos for adults and for children explaining what it is like to live with ADHD. These can be used at a staff meeting or as part of a larger piece of work to provoke discussion among your staff team or even your parents. If you need any further information or advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We are so pleased to have received the following testimonials from clients who have completed a session with us about living and learning with ADHD.

‘By openly sharing her personal experience of living with ADHD, Sarah supported our colleagues to better understand what it’s like to have ADHD. She shared many tips and strategies with us and showed us how we can empathise with and support children in our class and family who have ADHD. It made for captivating listening, and I would highly recommend this to you.’

Helen Rowland, CEO Focus-Trust

‘I have just watched your video for the children with my son! He said it was like you were in his head and explaining everything he thinks and feels. I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to tell you and he said – “please say thank you for helping me to understand my ADHD better and for telling me it can be a good thing as it always just gets me in trouble. Could you also ask her to tell my teachers all of that stuff too?”. Thank you so much! It really is appreciated.’
Charlie, Teacher and parent of a child with ADHD
Sarah has also completed an ADHD and Behavioural Therapy awareness course.