Building a Writer in the Early Years


This course is for early years teachers, leaders and practitioners and for English and writing subject leaders. The course will enable you to improve provision for all children to help them to write and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Includes free Stages of Grip Development Download.


In most schools, writing can be a problem for the youngest children. This could be because the provision is not quite right to meet the wide and varied needs of all the children in class. Children develop at different rates and learn in different ways and teachers need to provide different things at different times for each child. So, how do we do this?

This course will enable you to critically evaluate your provision for teaching early years children to write. It will enable you to look at the process of noticing, diagnosing, responding and teaching and will help you to think about the timetables and layout of your classroom to help you to deepen understanding and skills around writing.

You will also evaluate your provision for reading and look at the quality of your curriculum to help you to meet your children’s needs thinking about memory, barriers, SEND and EAL and how to support all children. It will look at boys writing and how to encourage reluctant writers.

The link will take you to our online training platform. From here, sign into the school and then complete your purchase to enrol onto the course. If you have any problem please email – The Price of this course is £50.


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