The Early Years Environment – Effective Continuous Provision Indoors and Outdoors (online course)


This course is for early years teachers, leaders and practitioners. This course will enable you to improve your environment, to understand how it should be used and to improve the depth of children’s learning using the environment as a tool and takes approximately two hours to complete.

Includes free Outside Environment Audit which can be downloaded here to get started!


Effective continuous provision in the early years environment is a crucial part of early years teaching. The environment is there to enable children to practise and apply their learning and to deepen their knowledge and understanding through problem solving and deep, shared experiences.

Too often the early years classroom stays the same throughout the year, not responding to learning and the needs of the children. This means children do not get enough opportunities to try out their learning, to demonstrate and deepen the Characteristics of Effective Learning and to learn from others.

This course will enable you to critically evaluate your early years environment and how it is used and will facilitate thinking around the use of space, timetabling of play, the development of memory and planning to ensure gaps in learning are supported by a strong and well-thought-out environment.

You will have the chance to consider the use of context and purpose to develop learning and to think about the promotion of basic skills throughout the environment.

The link will take you to our online training platform. From here, sign into the school and then complete your purchase to enrol onto the course. If you have any problems please email – The Price of this course is £50.


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