Back on Track – Early Years to Year 1 Children


This programme comprises a series of 8, online sessions with gap tasks, downloadable curriculum resources and ongoing support for teacher planning.

The purpose of this programme is to support teachers to get ‘Back on Track’ with the intent, implementation and impact of their curriculum. This involves ensuring they have the right intent and implementation so that the impact means children are back on track in their learning.


During the programme we will explore what has happened during the lockdown and take the learning from the last three months. We will look at the use of technology and social media and what this has taught us about each child and family. We will also examine what each child is bringing back into the classroom and the best way to present learning to them when they are back in school.

Perhaps the most important part of this programme will be looking at the curriculum and what children need to know by the time they leave Year 1. We will look at building a curriculum, using a set of provided materials, that will enable teachers to plan for a seamless experience in Year 1, filling in gaps and maintaining the momentum of learning for all children.

The programme will be delivered online as recorded sessions. Each session is approximately 40 minutes long. Delegates will be expected to complete gap tasks and the trainer will be available by email to review plans, answer questions and offer support.


Session 1- Pedagogy

This session will reflect on the last 12 weeks and what we have learned. We will examine existing practice, practice during the lockdown and seek a blended approach using what we have learned and what has worked well for children and families. We will look at how rotas may work and how to ensure all children have the best chance to succeed. We will also look at what we already know about children and how to use ‘noticing’ to build our knowledge and respond quickly to children’s needs. This is time for teachers to reflect.

Session 2 – Teaching and Transition

Getting back to the business of class teaching is daunting and exciting. Teachers must think about a triage approach to teaching. They will have to quickly diagnose where children are and what they need next, using existing information from the knowledge they have gained about each child during the lockdown period. Making assumptions is going to hamper this. Teachers must be ready to acknowledge and value every experience for all children.

Transition must be planned carefully. Some of the online learning can be undertaken by the next teacher and efforts must be made to get to know new families.

Session 3 – Curriculum

We now look at the ‘Essential Curriculum’ (information to be provided to delegates). This will look at the key knowledge and skills needed by children by the end of early years and key stage 1 and will provide a momentum-based approach to this learning. We can explore essential knowledge and skills in reading, writing and mathematics, as well as the broader curriculum, and how the knowledge and skills can be mastered at each point. We will also look at how to ensure the most vulnerable children and those with SEND can be supported and also how to support children and families at home. We will look at the use of developmentally appropriate implementation methods, like the use of continuous provision, carpet time and ‘noticing’.

Session 4 – Essential Curriculum

This session will explore what needs to be taught, when and to whom. We will focus on transition from early years to Year 1 and how to ‘run’ learning together to ensure children have a seamless experience. We will look particularly at reading, writing and mathematics, the use of continuous provision and building children’s resilience for learning using different methods.

Session 5 – Children

We must now acknowledge the experience that all children have had during lockdown. Some children have reported more contact with their teachers during this time. Teachers must learn as much about children’s experience as possible and must start to look at building an environment that will allow children to experience the best of the learning that has happened and also get back into the business of learning in school.

Session 6 – Gaps

The ‘achievement gap’ must be explored as well as the acknowledgement that children and teachers are resilient! We must accept that some children will have learned nothing academic but also that all children will have learned something and some children will have learned lots. We must see the value in what has been gained and use this to build the next learning.

Session 7 – Blended curriculum

Moving on from the ‘Essentials Curriculum’ we are still acknowledging that learning and development needs may require further, bespoke planning but this learning should focus more on the year 1 and key stage 1 curriculum content.

Session 8

Aspirational curriculum

Let’s look now at moving from the ‘Blended’ approach to the ‘Aspirational’ approach. What do children need to transition safely into year 2? This session focuses on accelerating children’s learning to get them back on track.

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